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How to Fill your Audience and your Calendar at the same time. 

How to Fill your Audience and your Calendar at the Same Time
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Webinar Host Delatorro McNeal, II

My name is Delatorro McNeal II and I know how to move the crowds and Crush the Stage. There I said it. See as a professional speaker I go into organizations, colleges, associations, churches and conferences to Educate, Entertain and Inspire people over 250 times a year. And I get paid very well to do it.

I received the distinction of being the youngest (CSP) Certified Speaking Professional in the world (to be clear, in order to reach the level of a Certified Speaking Professional you must have surpassed over 2 million dollars in speaking revenue.) I don't say that to boast, I say that to show you that I know what it takes to succeed in this business.

Furthermore I recently been ranked as one of the top 60 best motivational speakers in the world. Additionally, I have recorded two seasons of a reality show called  "The Keynote", in which I train speakers to be professional speakers. Now I want to work with you, the next generation of amazing speakers.

You! Yes, YOU can Fill Your Audience and Your Calendar at the Same Time and I will show you how - AT NO COST!

Join my FREE webinar as we cover How to Package Your Presentation in the Speaking Industry for Maximum Influence and Impact..

You can use the techniques you’ll discover to better understand what meeting planners and conference hosts are looking for in repeat speakers, you’ll learn other revenue streams to use other than just your speaking fees, and you will learn how to capitalize on the shifts the speaking industry has made over the last 3 years!

Additionally, I even show you what YOU must do to stay Relevant and Bookable Today! 

In fact, here's just some of what we'll cover on this incredible speaker training webinar: 

  • Consistently create a Powerful Presentation without fear of embarrassment or disapproval!
  • Give an offer that will make your audience stay until the end!
  • Learn the skillset to develop a Standing Ovation Presentation that generates SALES any day of the week!
  • Learn the Speaker Structure to help you succeed in the Speaking Industry!
  • Learn the powerful and effective Keys to Crushing the Stage!
  • Six Components of a keynote that gets you paid and rebooked!
  • Three Resources to use each you speak to create stronger content!
  • Learn how to use Audience Psychology to make your delivery more memorable and make the crowd ask for more!
  • The Five Things Your Audience Want!

         ... and much, MUCH More!                              

Don't miss this breakthrough webinar that will finally show you what to include in your Keynote presentations to blow your audience away!